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‘Sons of Anarchy’: Maggie Siff talks about tonight’s shocker ending

If you watched tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy on FX, you experienced the brutal and gory death of a major character. Fortunately, EW was on the set when the actor was preparing to say goodbye.

But first, a spoiler alert! Don’t read beyond the jump if you haven’t watched the heartbreaking episode.


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WTF Sutter S6 Ep 37: An Evening with Sons of Anarchy

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More EW images

I’ve added images from inside the Entertainment weekly issue to the gallery. Enjoy.


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Entertainment weekly cover

WTFSutter Crew Appreciation Day

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S6 BTS ‘SOA Crew Appreciation Day’

James Minchin BTS set photos

Season 6 premiere photos

I’ve added a bunch of photos from last night season 6 premiere red carpet. I think they both looked amazing as always. Enjoy.

s678 s6156 s617 s621

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Season 6 premiere videos

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An Interview with ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Maggie Siff

TDQ: So then I guess moving into Tara, what first attracted you to her and her story?

MS: Well, I guess the first thing that attracted me to her initially in Season One was that she was a character who had left this world behind, but then she came back. And she was carrying, the whole first season, this secret, which is that she’s being stalked. And I just was intrigued. I was intrigued by the weight of what she was carrying around and of her historical relationship with these people who she seemed so different from, but sort of scratch the surface and you realize she’s not that different. I thought that was very interesting. I also, when I read the pilot, it felt so different to me than a lot of other television scripts that I had read. It just moved. It sort of had this velocity and this vision in it that was kind of exciting, you know? It got your heart racing. And the characters felt strange and interesting and were people we hadn’t seen before. So, you know, I was really relatively new and lucky in terms of what I encountered when I first entered the world of television. You know, the thing that I say about it is that Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy have absolutely nothing in common except that both in my experience in reading both of those pilots I thought that there was nothing else quite like them.


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