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BTS Season 6 promo shoot.

I’ve added some pictures of Maggie BTS at the season 6 promo shoot. No pictures of Charlie as he shot on a different day.¬†Enjoy.

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Season 6 filming date.

Just to let anyone who’s interested know, filming for season 6 begins on Wednesday the 15h of may. Can’t wait.


And it was the first read through of 6×01 today.


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Sons of Anarchy Ryan Hurst shaves his beard

An old video from when Ryan left the show but i just found it and wanted to share.

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Before the Anarchy: Episode 11

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Sons Of Anarchy” took a brief break from its usual brand of high-intensity violence and got a little romantic in this week’s episode when Tara (Maggie Siff) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) got married in a brothel. The union was a significant milestone for the biker drama, and for Siff’s character Tara Knowles in particular, who spent much of last season dreaming of a new life for herself outside the motorcycle club’s criminal orbit.


During the scene where Jax proposed, he told Tara that “nothing says endless love like capital murder,” and you seemed to play it like that line turned her on. Is Tara learning to thrive on the danger of the “Sons” world?
You know, one of the very first thoughts I had about the character was the fact that she’s this surgeon, and she kind of deals with life and death and blood and guts all the time. And I think there has to be some place, on some level, on which it does excite her. That’s never a conscious thing, but it’s something I poured into my little feeding ground for the unconscious motivations fo the character. How could she possibly stick around otherwise? He’s actually making reference to the very first time they came together, which was over a dead body. So there’s something in that. The thing that I think the show gets at is this adrenalized, hyper-violent world that they all live in. I think on some level, that kind of danger and excitement must fuel all of them.


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Before the anarchy episode 9

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Before the anarchy: episode 6

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Before the Anarchy: Episode 05

Before the Anarchy: Episode 04

Here is episode 4 of Before the anarchy. Enjoy

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BeforeTheAnarchy: Episode 3

Episode 3 of Before the anarchy. Enjoy.

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