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Charlie Hunnam – SOA Message To Comic Con 2014

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Sneak peek: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Collector’s Set (plus a deleted season 6 scene)


If you thought that “Hell Awaits” season seven teaser for Sons of Anarchy‘s final ride seemed foreboding, check out the packaging for the Collector’s Set that fans will be able to pre-order at Comic-Con. Not only does it come in a wooden box (gun crate or coffin?), but also a custom re-creation of the iconic SAMCRO Reaper clubhouse table—which looks a lot like a tombstone when you stand it vertically.

The set will be available for pre-sale at the Fox booth #4229 in San Diego. When it’s released in November, it will include the first six seasons and a slot for season 7. The Comic-Con price tag—$150 for DVD and $200 for Blu-ray—does not include the final season.


(Click image for video.)

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SOA comic con panel 2014

Sunday, July 27


FOX Booth Signing
Panel: 12:30 PM -1:30 PM – Screening and Q&A. Get an inside look into the upcoming final season of FX’s highest-rated series ever, with creator Kurt Sutter, executive producer Paris Barclay and the entire cast: Charlie Hunnam (via satellite), Katey Sagal, Kim Coates, Mark Boone Junior, Tommy Flanagan, Theo Rossi, Dayton Callie, and Jimmy Smits. Room: Hall H. Moderator: TBD.


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Best of Sons of Anarchy Production Blog

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SDCC ’13: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Panel

You can now watch the full panel from this years Comic-con. Enjoy.


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More Comic con interviews


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‘Sons of Anarchy’: Charlie Hunnam on Jax’s struggles and guilt

As “Sons of Anarchy” rolls into season six, the Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) at the head of SAMCRO’s table is very different from the one the world got to know in the first season of the motorcycle club drama. The once idealistic Jax has seemingly been tainted by the power he now wields as club president.
While the “Sons of Anarchy” cast was at Comic-Con to greet their fans, Hunnam also took some time to talk to reporters about the changes Jax is going through and what’s in store for his character.
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SAMCRO’s New VP Revealed! Plus: Jax’s Journey, Clay’s Resolve

AFTER THE AFTERMATH | Jax in Season 6 will let the tragic loss of Opie “inform him in a more positive way,” shared Hunnam. “He’ll try to let it inspire him to turn this club into what [his father] John Teller wanted it to be. “

SHORT HAIR, DON’T CARE | A newly jailed Tara (Maggie Siff) is rocking a spiffy new ‘do in Season 6. Added bonus: The promo revealed that she’s kicking major inmate ass behind bars.


Remeber to check out the post below for all the pics and videos from Comic-con. Enjoy.

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COMIC-CON 2013 – Masterpost

I’ve started to upload pictures from the SOA panel and will add more as i can.

(I will add any updates further down this post so scroll down to check you don’t miss anything. This post will be sticky till the end of the week, other updates will be posted below.)

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Here a few of videos from the panel and various interviews.

I’ll post more as i find them. Enjoy.


I’ve added a few photos from the signing after the panel.

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SDCC sticker


Exclusive #SOAFX #SDCC sticker. First look at #Jax from the new season. #FXComicCon


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